• A trip into the Auch cathedral. Just a quick look around but enough to make me eager to return to this 15th century marvel.

  • Clearing yet more trash out of the woods. There has been so much weird stuff in there. It is very satisfying to get it out, and it looks so much better with all the mess out of the way.

  • Just a dusting.

  • Good morning, glorious day.

  • It’s snowing!! And raining alternately☔️🌧️❄️🌨️

  • This weeks storms have brought down a lot of branches, moved some roof tiles around and refilled the ponds beautifully, but most surprising is the new springs and ponds it has revealed/ created. We are seriously considering driving the remote control boat on our new mini canal.

  • Someone likes wood shavings a lot!

  • Sand… wash…. Prime… prime… prime.

    Sand… wash…. Prime… prime… prime.

    Sand… wash…. Prime… prime… prime.

  • Sofian’s latest project.

  • First he declared himself an archeologist and then he went and found an old ruin (foundations and flagstones) under the front lawn! 😂

  • The 13th century church at Sabazan is the cutest in the area. The local chateau also makes an excellent wine.

  • WIP

  • Happy New Year friends.

  • Another yummy wine.

  • Sheep in the vines. It was a funny sight so we stopped to take a picture, then Sofian “bahed” at them from the car window, and one hundred and fifty plus sheep turned and ran… 🤗

  • A drone’s eye view offering amazing new perspectives.

  • We got a drone for Christmas!!!

    Amazing shots from the drone to follow, but here are some pics of the drone from the back courtyard.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you all. 🤗✨🎄

  • We finally got the new living room curtains up!!

  • Painting the kitchen cabinets from the gite, one door / drawer at a time. One undercoat done…… Ok this is going to take a while.

  • Necessities of the season…. Also fun new toy!

  • Good morning!

  • We just went up for the day but we are already planning more trips to the snow.

  • The beautiful road up to the ski slopes today.

  • Wonderful low lying mists at dawn and dusk today but with a lovely warm clear day in between.

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