• Well it’s warm enough if you are 10 years old perhaps.

  • The Fources pottery faire.

  • It’s slowly coming together.

  • And a new stove.

  • Brocanting weekends. We are busily searching the local equivalents of Craigslist for furniture for the gite.

  • The neighbors warned us about the pod of big hail storms in early May. I can’t say I took them all that seriously, until… hail, out of a blue sky, accompanied by lots of thunder and lightning ⚡️

  • Spring rains bring an assortment of mushrooms.

  • Spring!

  • Le Monastere, saint Mont. best birthday meal ever!

  • Visiting a truly beautiful local chateau / monastery / spa!

  • Photos from Sofian’s horse riding camp.

  • Sofian’s first kid camp. First night away from home. 🥹

  • Mustard!

  • burn piles

    Burning the numerous burn piles before the summer heat makes it too dangerous.

  • first fruit

    The first fruit of the year! Thank you to my auntie and uncle for the lovely apricot trees. Apparently this one liked being cosseted in the potager for an extra season before being planted last fall, because it was first to blossom, and first to fruit in the new orchard this year

  • mowing

    A bit of mowing.

  • old glass

    The beauty of old glass

  • new planters

    We added new planters on the front of the ‘maison guardian’. They are concrete but look like stone. Quite lovely, but perhaps a little small given the scale of the walls… in truth though, we couldn’t have lifted anything bigger. 😆

  • leaves

    The leaves are coming in, on the driveway ‘Lime Flower’ trees. 🥰

  • Eauze market between storms

    Dark skies and bright faces.

  • amazing double rainbow

    Rainbows and radishes On the way to the Eauze farmers market, just one hilltop yesterday, we saw a double rainbow, with all four ends visible on the ground. Amazing !

  • blossom tree

    Blossom tree. I’m not sure what it is but it smells lovely. I will use the plant identification app and find out tomorrow.

  • marche aux fleur Simorre

    The Easter flower market in Simorre was lovely today. It was a little crowded in places, and the wait times in the restaurants were astonishing, but there was a wonderful choice of plants, at good prices. I bought 2x Japanese quince, a Japanese maple, a couple of scented geranium

  • phew

    Success! The egg hunt went very well.

  • chasse aux oeufs demain matin

    Tomorrow I have 20 kid’s coming over for an Easter egg hunt 😆 I have to hide 600 chocolate eggs by 10.30am. 🫣 This should be interesting.

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